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Im From Almería

Rodrigo Galvez Miras was born in 1981, the 30th of December in a medium-class family in Almería. From so early age and involved in a magnificient artistic environment, he proved an innately quality for drawing and painting. He began to tattoo some of his friends in a little village of Granada, Loja and after a couple of years, in 2009, he decided to open a little Tattoo Studio there while he was working in an office.

My Awards

NEW YORK: 2011

In 2011, convinced that he wanted to be Tattoo artist, with the support of his friends and family and the certainty of becoming one of the best, it was necessary to move abroad and learn from others to improve his technique.

First he moved to Zamora and afterwards to Mallorca where he worked non-stop. In this stage he gained enough confidence to look for a new place in New York (Hopwell Junction), an hour far from Manhattan. He was there three months, tattooing and improving his English skills.


Once in Biel, he met Mischa, one of his career masterpiece, because he made an incredible body change. Mischa became ‘Joker Boy’ This transformation meant a lot in his life, due to it helped him to overtake a lot of childhood problems.


After these months in America, he came back to Mallorca with more confidence than ever and willing to make big quality works.


His efforts to improve encouraged him to move to Basilea in Switzerland, where he worked for a studio during a year. In November of 2013 he opened his own Tattoo Studio called “Sailor & Saints” in 5 Kanalgasse Street in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland).


A bunch of famous tattoo artist have done collaborations with me along these years in the studio and different celebrities, such as, Sergio Ramos, Rudy Fernandez or Marc Anthony, got their tattoos made by Rodrigo Gálvez. Furthermore, Rodrigo has been awarded in a lot of International Tattoo Conventions as in Lyon Tattoo Convention and in Oporto Tattoo Convention.


Couple of months ago, he created a successful Youtube channel, InkBro TV, including tutorials to learn how to tattoo step by step, timelapses and tips about the industry. The popularity of the channel is rocking him to be worldwide known and to be contacted by some of America’s Tattoos Conventions.

MADRID: 2017

Rodrigo opens the studio in the center of Madrid. Here he came up with many interesting projects, such as the ad for Fox. Michael Scofield, the protagonist of "Prison Break", designed an almost perfect escape plan thanks to a tattoo that ran through his body. In his honor, the Fox TV network has created "Skin Free Ink", an action designed by FullSIX and Mindshare, with the special collaboration of Rodrigo Galvez.


Rodrigo returns to his homeland to open the Inkbro Community tattoo studio next to the beach. He continued to record the seasons for his Youtube channel and realized the need for the creation of the tattoo school. In 2020 Inkbro School was born, today it has the largest community in Spain. Apart from the online courses and masterclasses, Rodrigo teaches online and in-person seminars all over the world through his school.


Rodrigo, returns to Switzerland and opens the Inkbro Basel studio together with the tattoo artists Raul de la O, Maria Alvarez and other representative tattoo artists of the tattoo world. He is immersed in several creative projects of great importance.
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